Faith in Action

family-worshipFaith in Action Day

September 8 – 9:00am-2:00pm

It is just one day of service to several areas in our community. The projects may be for church members or for someone else in our community. This will be a great day to serve our neighbors, invite people to participate in the projects, and be the body of Christ. Adults, youth & children (grades 3 – 6) are asked to participate. (Children should serve on a team with a parent.)

Faith in Action Teams:

Childcare – Team will provide 3-hour care for babies – age 2 & “day camp” for ages 3 – grade 2. (Curriculum & supplies provided.)

Gardening/Lawn care – Team will work on gardening & lawn care projects such as trimming bushes, weeding & planting gardens, mowing lawns at various locations. If signing up for this group, bring yardwork & gardening gloves and tools (that you may own.)

Gift Bag Distribution – Team will distribute gift bags in the neighborhood where we are working on a project. (supplies provided)

Nursing Home – Team will make visits to our nursing home & homebound church residents. (supplies provided)

Painting – Team will be involved in painting projects at various locations.  If signing up for this group, please bring paint brushes, rollers, etc. (that you may own.)

Prayer/Encouragement – Team will remain at the church and send out notes of encouragement to our members and pray for the teams and our community.  (supplies provided)

Repair/Maintenance – Team will help with small projects at several homes. If signing up for this group, please bring hammer,  toolbox and work gloves (that you may own.)


We are still in need of some projects. If you know of an opportunity, please call the church office (580-234-1133).

We are excited for all the possibilities this day holds!

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